Merit Solar Energy company is an EPC, consultancy and contracting company operating in the production of solar energy and electricity (PV Solar Systems)PV Solar operates in the fields of consultancy, planning, engineering, application, operation and maintenance with its staff specialized in system applications. Merit energy produces advanced technology, quality, optimum, turnkey projects to their customers. It meets with the leading product suppliers in the world and supplies and assembles the materials within the planned delivery of the best price and delivery time.

Our aim is to help our customers to establish a facility that can produce maximum energy with the most acuurate products in today’s conditions for a minimum of 25 years without any problems.Our team consists of experts working on reneawable energy in European countries mainly Turkey and Germany since 2006. All our projects are carried out professionally by the relevant departments. Thanks to this structure, which is created in an operational manner, customer and quality oriented service is provided

Addressing all of its projects with the same diligence and discipline, Merit Solar Energy has strong references and supports for the end user since the first day for the highest level of discipline, efficiency and quality in the project stages. Today, in meeting the increasing clean energy needs in the world and in our country; we see that the energy required for renewable energy sources comes to the fore more.Save yourself from wasted electricity payments. Instead, have your own, self-sufficient, state-owned, guaranteed power generation facility. Invest in energy, while you have energy. We need it for our tomorrows, for our world and for you. Don’t throw your money away. Own your own, independent solar power plant!


Key Delivery Plant Installation

Solar Power Plant provides turn-key services for the successful implementation of your projects including system design, project approval, material supply, field installation, TEDAŞ acceptance, operation and maintenance of the commissioned sites.

Project and Engineering Services

With our experience and expert staff, we offer engineering, project design and TEDAŞ approval services for solar power plants with a professional understanding to our customers.Our project design and engineering services are provided by our project group working within our organization.

Scada / Automation Systems

We offer PV Energy Scada / Automation systems solutions for remote monitoring of solar power plants, saving data and remote control.

  • 5-year labor and assembly warranty.
  • Turnkey assembly including all fees and applications.
  • Full time job security and expert supervision during assembly.
  • Fixed safety ropes / lines are installed where necessary.
  • Sealing guarantee.
  • 304 Chrome and Aluminum materials.
  • German PV panels.
  • 15 Years panel manufacturer mechanical and workmanship warranty.
  • %85 performance guarantee after 25 years.
  • European DC cables and sockets.
  • Roof static report approved by leading technical universities.
  • Special construction and fasteners for any other roof type .
  • Experienced staff and engineering in Germany and Europe.

EPC is the abbrevation of ‘Engineering Procurement and Construction’ words and stands for “ Engineering, procurementand installation” in Turkish.

This means that the contractor firm will undertake all the engineering, production, delivery and assembly processes. The number of EPC companies has increased steadily since the law on electricity generation from solar energy was introduced, and the solar industry has attracted the attention of both domestic and foreign investors. Although the number of "Engineering, Supply, Installation" firms, which are called EPC, are increasing day by day, there are question marks on the part of investors because of the lack of experience, financial competence and technical know-how in companies entering the solar energy sector. PV Installation costs, factors such as the difference of the ground, local factors such as snow and wind load, land slopes, the equipment used and the design conditions differ for each field.

It is very important to work with a good EPC company that serves with an experienced and professional team who knows the solar power plant and its installation, during the operation and maintenance phase after the Solar Power Plant installation phase. At this point, when a malfunction occurs, we, as Merit Solar Energy, give confidence to investors with the experienced maintenance team we have created to prevent serious loss of production in the period from the time we find the team to fix the malfunction and intervene.


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